Pepi’s Birthday Celebrations

Canine Cushing’s Disease (Hyperadrenocorticism) is one of the leading endocrine disorders of the dog. It is a condition which results from an overproduction of glucocorticoid in the body. It can occur in any breed of dog.

Our lovely Senior Territory Representative Sam is all too familiar with the disease. Her beautiful boy Pepi has Cushing’s Disease.


Pepi was approaching his 11th birthday, and was showing some of the classic symptoms of the disease:

  • He was SUPER hungry
  • He had increased his frequency/ amount of both drinking and urinating
  • He was panting so loud that he wasn’t allowed to watch the TV anymore (because Sam wanted to be able to hear what was happening!)
  • He developed quite an attractive rat’s tail, from hair loss and hair around a recent surgery site was not growing back

The biggest concern of Sam’s was that he was a couch potato! Completely lethargic and uninterested in life. Sam was genuinely worried that his 11th birthday would be his last.

After testing at her local vet clinic, Pepi was diagnosed with Cushing’s. Eighteen months later he is doing really well and he is still being managed with Vetoryl (trilostane).

Cushing’s Disease is often well managed with medication, but requires regular testing to ensure that the dosing of medication is correct for each case. Testing may be required as regularly as weekly whilest dose rates are being settled, but then reduce to every three months.


Sam now has a puppy in an not-so-old-mans body!  He runs everywhere – never walks! This means he flies through the house all the time, and his old legs don’t quite pull him up in time – Sam is sure he’ll break a hip or go through the wall one day!

He’s so full of energy that he’s ready to go anywhere at any time.

He’d still eat anything on offer, (he is a staffy!), but he doesn’t believe he’s starving any more.

Sam and Pepi can watch (and hear) tv together at night!

Pepi reminds Sam every morning to have his Vetoryl (of course wrapping it in meat is the key) He’s now on twice a day dosing (most Cushing’s cases will at least start on once a day dosing, but this is something that is up to your vet and changes from dog to dog) and they are both working on remembering that!

AND not only has he seen his 11th birthday, but cruised through to his 12th birthday, and is still (touch wood) going strong for his 13th!!


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