Winners of Dermcare’s Competition For Vets

Dermcare is committed to supporting vets in best practice. We recently ran a competition for vets, where they could answer questions about urinary tract disease in dogs, and go into the draw to win a complete urinalysis pack for their clinic. We were really pleased to see so many entries, and impressed with the high standard of the answers. Australian pets are in good hands!


We are excited to announce the winners as follows:



A complete urinalysis pack including a microscope, centrifuge and digital refractometer, along with tubes, test strips and collection equipment, valued at $6000.


Dr Emily Swan                         Vet24, Balcatta, WA


Dr Swan’s colleagues, Dr Andrew Bitmead and Dr Richard Trinder, also submitted fantastic entries, so congratulations to the team at Vet24.



A digital refractometer, collecting tubes and test strips


Dr Kevin Cruikshank             Gold Coast Vet Surgery, QLD

Dr Jennifer Wiseman            Vital Vet Animal Hospital, WA

Dr Victoria Balnave               Mt Druitt Vet, NSW

Dr David Margary                  Forest Hill Vet Hopital, VIC

Dr Peter Sorenson                 Mt Eliza Village Vet, VIC

Dr Bridget Naughton             Richmond Vet Clinic, VIC

Dr Mary Williamson              Knox Vet Clinic, VIC


Congratulations! If you have won a prize, your representative will be in touch soon to arrange delivery.


Thank you to all vets for entering the competition and supporting Dermcare products.


The Dermcare Team

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