Otoflush® Ear Flush

Cleansing pre-treatment

Ear Flush

Otoflush® is an ear flush for dogs that is designed to clean the ear canal of wax, exudate and debris, and reduce bacterial and yeast numbers in the ear.

It is a neutral buffered pre-treatment ear flush and can also be used as a pretreatment to improve the penetration of prescribed ear medications in dogs. 

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How to treat your pet with Otoflush®

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Otoflush® help my pet?

Otoflush® cleans the ear canal of wax and exudate and reduces microbial numbers within the ear. It is also designed to be used as a pre-treatment to improve the penetration of and increase bacterial susceptibility to antibiotic ear preparations used to treat canine otitis externa.

Why does my pet get these infections?

Otitis externa, means inflammation of the externa part of the ear. Otitis externa is a multifactorial disease, meaning that many factors contribute to the disease process. These underlying factors must be addressed and managed for successful treatment of otitis externa, especially for chronic or recurrent bouts of ear disease.

Normally dogs have low numbers of resident bacteria and yeast on their skin (including ears). Any factor which alters the normal environment in the dog’s ear can trigger the natural residents to proliferate and result in an infection. 

Some common underlying factors that may contribute to otitis externa include:

  • Allergies (environmental allergies, food allergies, contact allergies)
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Ectoparasites (ear and skin mites)
  • Foreign bodies (grass seeds)
  • Keratinisation disorders (diseases of the skin lining the ear canal)
  • Masses within the ear (polyps, cysts, tumours)

In the presence of an active infection, Otoflush® must be used in conjunction with an antibiotic treatment, as prescribed by your veterinarian.

If you are concerned your pet may have an ear infection, please visit your local veterinarian for a consultation. Diagnostic tests will be necessary to determine which factors are contributing to the disease. This is essential in determining the best treatment and product for your dog.

Which animal is Otoflush® suitable for?

Otoflush® is registered for use in dogs.

How to use

Dosage & Administration

  • Remove the cap of the flush nozzle.
  • Insert the nozzle just into the ear canal opening and squeeze to fill the ear canal (approx 0.5mL for small breeds or 1.5mL for larger breeds). 
  • Gently massage the ear then allow the dog to shake its head to remove debris and excess Otoflush® liquid from the ear.
  • Repeat this process until the Otoflush® liquid coming out of the ear is clean.
  • Wipe off any debris and excess liquid from the ear and ear opening.
  • Remove any adherent ear exudate from the flush nozzle before replacing the cap.
  • For routine ear cleaning repeat this procedure once weekly only.
  • For use in conjunction with an antibiotic ear treatment, use as directed by your veterinarian.  

Directions For Use

  • In the presence of an active infection, Dermcare Otoflush® must be used in conjunction with an antibiotic treatment.
  • May be used under the direction of a registered veterinarian in cases of Canine Otitis Externa where the ear drum is ruptured. Where possible determine ear drum status prior to use, and appropriately treat for Otitis Media if required. Monitor response to treatment via clinical examination, otoscopy and cytology regularly.

Read label instructions carefully prior to use.