Albert Paris (aka Bert) 16
Domestic Short Hair, Black
Port Melbourne Vet Clinic , VIC

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Office Manager

How I arrived at my clinic: I arrived at Port Melbourne Vet after one of their friendly clients witnessed me get hit by three cars on Albert Road in South Melbourne, hence my name, Albert.  I had pretty bad burn marks on my body, lost some claws but no broken bones luckily!  I went home to Dr Julie's house but found her other pets annoying & generally intolerable so I spent most of my time hiding under the bed. 

I then lived with a great mate upstairs above the clinic & we had a wonderful time hanging out and watching the footy with the rest of the boys.  Then he got a girlfriend & I wasn't happy about losing my wingman so I'd talk to them all night, voicing my frustration!  I got fed up eventually and decided that the clinic was a much better fit for my luxurious lifestyle.  I got the job of Office Manager right away and love monitoring the coming and goings of the clinic from my cozy bed on the office desk. 

My favourite things: My favourite things are my i/d dry food, getting a tummy rub, head butting my colleagues, dressing up for Halloween & teasing the patients confined to their kennels whilst I am free to roam as I please. I also enjoy a good brushing once in a while but don't even try to trim my nails!

My naughtiest habits: My naughtiest habits are sneaking sips of my work colleagues cups of tea, coffee & maybe even a taste of Berocca if I'm having a rough day...I also enjoy sampling the toilet water on occasion!

My special needs: I have hyperthyroidism, cholaniohepatitis and pancreatitis. I am on a special diet and Felimazole to manage my issues!

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