Arnold 1
Red Point Siamese, Red and white
Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic , NSW

Other things you should know about me

Job title: CFO - Chief Feline Officer

How I arrived at my clinic: A client found me on the street, in a very poor state. I was just 4 weeks old, struggling to breath and a terrible eye infection. They brought me into the clinic to recover and I decided to stay!

My favourite things: I love chasing the laser pointer, getting into client's handbags and FISH! I also love to help out around the clinic, my main jobs are greeting patients and keeping their beds warm while they are out!

My naughtiest habits:  My naughtiest habit is stealing blood tubes and otoscope speculums! In my spare time, I like to eat dog food and escape from my room when it's bedtime so staff have to chase me to put me away!

My special needs: I have upper respiratory disease, which means I am always on antibiotics and steroid medications.

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