Benedict (but my friends call me Benny) 1
Pure Awesome, Grey Tuxedo
Southside Veterinary Surgery , QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job Title: The Chairman – pun intended

How I arrived at the clinic: I was found wandering the streets (like a bad a**) and someone brought me in. No one claimed me and the humans decided I was too cool to give away. I have them wrapped around my little paw.

My favourite things: Practicing my rock climbing skills (Scaling scratching posts, balancing in precarious situations), blocking dogs from siting near their owners, food in any form.

My naughtiest habit: All the nurses have to put our patients' food in the back corner of the cage or else I get it! Even then I still get it sometimes (Those towels can be pulled forward you know…).To be honest, I don’t know what the big deal is, I’m only trying to help those patients look like they are eating.

My special needs: I can’t control my stomach requirements, so my humans have to make sure no food bags are left out in my room. Also, no free bits of chicken, human lunch, sushi or avocados. I’m really not picky.

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