Bugsy 1
Woma Python, Brown Tabby
The Unusual Pet Vets , WA

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Clinic Snake

How I arrived at my clinic: I was brought in to the clinic by my original owner when I was just a kitten. I had bug like eyes that were far too big for my head! This is how I came to have the name "Bugsy". As my fate was unknown, my owner decided to leave me with the clinic to see out my days. As I grew older, I eventually just grew in to my bug eyes and the clinic discovered I also have a forked tongue! I now live happily at the clinic, constantly looking for the next person to pick me up for a pat. 

My favourite things: My favourite things are pinky mice and cuddles (I have now graduated from pinky mice on to hopper mice yay!)

My naughtiest habits: Although I am cute, I am unfortunately not the smartest and try to eat my mice the wrong way. I am an attention seeker and often taps on the front of my cage in order to get my attention. I am very greedy and get grumpy if I don't get fed more than once a week.  Once I bit a vet student.... Woops!

My special needs: I am unable to produce my own body heat so require a heated environment to live in with lots of hidey holes. I have a very special diet of just mice. I am very quiet, the clinic hasn't heard me meow as yet but hoping that will come in time. I have terrible dandruff once every 2 months, it comes off in one piece, the clinic is still trying to work out why......

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