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Casper 12

Domestic Short Hair, Tabby and White
Greencross Vets Springvale , VIC

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Clinic socialite

How I arrived at my clinic:

Now, this is a story all about how My life got flipped-turned upside down

And I'd like to take a minute

Just sit right there

I'll tell you how I became the princess of a town called Springvale


In Dingley born and raised

On the playground was where I spent most of my days

Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool

And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school

When a couple of cats who were up to no good

Started making trouble in my neighbourhood

I got in one little fight and my mom got scared

She said 'You're movin' with your vets and nurses in Springvale air'


I pulled up to the clinic about 7 or 8

And I yelled to the cabbie 'Yo holmes smell ya later'

I looked at my kingdom

I was finally there

To sit on my throne as the Princess of Springvale

My favourite things: My list of daily demands are 6-8 greenies a day, mandatory nap time between 9.00am-5.00pm, Mandatory daily pats but no more than 5 but on less than 2 per client, fresh sparking water is a MUST!! and Holidaying at my house by the beach with nurse Jess for a least 4week a year

My naughtiest habits:  My naughtiest habits include Presenting my bottom for the royal sniff when my minions are attempting to serve others, Trying to see pin numbers on the eftpos machine (if  only i could get a card.. the greenies i could have mwahahaha), hiding in cupboards when it's time for everyone to go home in the hope I trip the alarm and my servants return and convincing the soft handed clients that I’m dying of thirst making them turn on taps in consult room or drinking from their cups.

 My special needs: Practically purrfect in every way

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Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner