Charlie 2
Domestic Short Hair, Silver Tabby & White
Devoted Vets , VIC

Other things you should know about me

Job Title: Customer greetings & staff liaison officer (I like to supervise staff by sitting on their laps)

How I arrived at the clinic: I came to the clinic as a young pregnant cat. The staff didn't think I was very far along but I surprised them all on a Saturday morning with a single kitten, blessed with my good looks. My son got a home, but I stayed at the clinic for 6 months before someone would take me. I didn't like having an adopted home, so I was naughty until they returned me to the clinic which I much prefer.

My favourite things: My new window bed, dairy farmers, tuna, people that don't like cats, wagging my tail & sleeping in Claira the other clinic cat's bed.

 My naughtiest habit: Hiding in large animal pharmacy when it is bed time, breaking into prescription food bags and giving myself diarrhoea, faxing suppliers 100 page blank faxes, nibbling on the edge of staff member's lunch if they leave the room, parading myself along the bench in front of people and shamelessly licking their foreheads - especially if they don't like cats.

My special needs: Diet food....

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