Charlotte 5
Domestic Short Hair, Tortoiseshell
Claremont Vet Clinic , WA

Other things you should know about me

Job Title: Director of first impressions, Coordinator of trouble, Liver treat quality control and part time Vet Nurse. I am surely due a pay rise..

How I arrived at the clinic: I was rescued as a small kitten by a kind person who saw me on the side of the road next to my mum who had been hit by a car L. I was handed in to another clinic; however they couldn’t look after me over Easter so I landed here. Theodore fell for my charms and they decided he needed a friend so I was lucky enough to find my forever home here. Thank goodness because I was born to be a clinic cat!

Favourite Things: Liver treats! I will even ‘sit’ and ‘high five’ for a liver treat. I love to greet clients and people who are allergic to cats are my favourite. I really enjoy pretending to be a hospital patient, napping in someone else’s cage is the best!

Naughtiest habit: As a card carrying member of the ‘Naughty Tortie’ association this is hard to narrow down…here’s some that I’m most famous for. I like to chew and eat tasty non-food items like needles, elastic bands and select fingers from exam gloves..yum! I also will happily gorge myself on liver treats when the silly vets leave the lid off the treat jar. I keep the clients in line by biting or scratching them when I decide I’ve had enough of being patted. I enjoy teasing the dogs in the hospital and love to sit just out of reach of the ones who dislike me most. I sit wherever I please, the more inconvenient the better – the treatment table, on top and inside of patients cages, inside clients handbags and on top of important paperwork.

My special needs: I have no special health needs as I am invincible, however I do require a daily nap in warm clean towels fresh from the dryer.

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