Chopin 10
Domestic Short Hair, Tabby & White
Summer Hill Village Vet , NSW

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Practice Manager

How I arrived at the clinic: I was brought in by well meaning clients who thought they would adopt a feral, scabby, drooling tom cat with FIV but then, oddly, changed their minds!

My favourite things: My favourite things include staring at any door (until it opens by mind power), going outside (at least 5 times an hour), jumping on a staff members lap (usually at precisely the moment they want to stand up), having a look around the consult rooms (especially if there is an angry dog to annoy) and hiding in odd spots just when my staff want to put the alarm on & leave.

My naughtiest habit: According to staff- it's stealing food out of the inpatients’ cages 

My special needs: I have no teeth, FIV, IBD, Diabetes mellitus and occasional faecal incontinence (that’s what happens when I steal other cats’ food)!  So I can only eat a hypoallergenic diet, I need insulin twice a day, metronidazole twice a day and get budesonide every 2nd day!

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