Eddie 10
Domestic Short Hair, Black
East Port Veterinary Hospital , NSW

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Staff Manager

How I arrived at the clinic: I came to East Port as a stray with suffering severe tick paralysis. I had no microchip and no one came forward to claim me. The girls nursed me through my treatment and fell in love with me and let me stay.

My favourite things: LIVER TREATS!!! And tuna! And I love sleeping in odd places e.g. cardboard boxes, laundry baskets, shelves. And “helping” the girls at reception!

My naughty habits: Where to begin!!! Knocking treat containers off bench tops in the hope the lids will come off, hiding from dogs being admitted to hospital and jumping out to scare them, pressing the speed dials on the telephone and calling people, entering things on the computer when I walk all over the keyboard.

My special needs: I have 3 monthly Cartrophen injections, daily joint guard and a low calorie diet as I suffer from osteoarthritis and joint problems. I’ve had surgery on my patella, femoral head and neck surgery on my hips.  The girls also like to clean my teeth regularly on quiet days in the surgery!! Lucky me!

Note: my clients always ask about ME before anything or anyone else!

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