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Flathead (Flatty) 13

Royal Short Hair, Tabby
Cairns Veterinary Clinic , QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job Title: CEO (Cat Enforcement Officer)

How I arrived at the clinic: I arrived at the clinic a little worse for wear. As a little kitten I learnt I could not take on a motor vehicle, arriving as an emergency at the clinic with a flat head (thus my name!) I was cared for and brought back to life by everyone. Everyone says I was such a sweet little thing and won everyone over with my forgiving and tolerant personality but I quickly grew out of this and now everyone knows their place. My staff know where and when they can  pat me, the food I prefer and how often I like snacks. My head slowly regained form as I grew and now everyone says I look ‘pretty normal’.

My favourite things: Some of my favourite  things are cardboard boxes ( and using them as my fortress) nurses lunches (noodles, Mc Donalds chips and pumpkin soup. I’ll try it all!)  but my favourite thing of all is the chair by the window in the sun where I snooze all day.

My naughtiest habits: Other than snoozing I spend my days teasing all my canine patients by sitting in front of their cages or breaking into their consult room. Of course, new staff must be reminded of their place below me so I ensure each one has my marks of reminder left down the back of their calves. I also find pleasure in sitting  at  the front entrance to  the clinic with a sad face making clients believe I’m abandoned,  they let me in, my nurses let me out and I do it all over again.

My special needs:  At the beginning of this year I started sneezing lots and my humans did some tests, they said I have something called ‘Squamous Cell Carcinoma’ I don’t know what that means but I know that I get lots of extra cuddles now and all of my favourite food.

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Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner