Fraggle-Rock Hudson 6
DSH x Burmese, Lynx Tabby
Pawprint Vet Practice , QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Clinic Adonis

How I arrived at my clinic: I  am the son of Midnight Sabre-Hagen. I'm a real mummy's boy, and couldn't be separated from Mum- so I stayed.

My favourite things: I bat for the other side- I prefer dogs over cats! I also love sleeping anywhere, for example on the front counter, on the food stand, in boxes.

My naughtiest habits: My naughtiest habit is licking and chewing the plastic food bags! I also like to 'help' by walking on the computer keyboards and getting into client's handbags- my favourite is Louis Vutton!

My special needs: I need therapy to get off mummy's apron strings, and to get off the dog addiction!

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