George 12
Domestic Short Hair, Tabby
Torquay Animal House Veterinary Clinic, VIC

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Retired

How I arrived at my clinic: I was brought into the clinic by a kind stranger who had just seen me get hit by a car! The clinic did all they could to find my owner, but no one ever came forward. After some time, the clinic decided that I needed them and that they needed me!

My favourite things: I love helping the patients in hospital. I will go and sit on patient's beds whilst they are in surgery, so they can come back and recover in a pre-warmed bed! I love my outdoor enclosure, and I love it when my clients come and say hi!

My naughtiest habits:  My naughtiest habit is seeking pats and smooches in the waiting room, then darting out the front door when a client enters or leaves the clinic! Freedom!!!

My special needs: I have a heart condition and an in-operable mass in my abdomen, so my clinic value every day with me as I probably don't have too long left with them.

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