Gus 9
Domestic Short Hair, Tabby and White
Everton Park Veterinary Sugery , QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Receptionist/ Attention Seeker

How I arrived at my clinic: My owner who was an old lady had to go into full time care so I couldn't eat out of her fridge anymore. The vet clinic took me in and had to start me on a weight loss plan.

My favourite things: My favourite things are food, sleeping in my basket, begging ad manipulating suckers at the clinic for food and attention, laying on the reception desk with my head on the eftpos machine, typing on computers, bossing around other cats and client's dogs and going out for walks on my lead.

My naughtiest habits: My naughtiest habits include swatting people for attention, biting clients from when they pat me incorrectly, convincing the soft handed to feed me, running away from my monthly advocate, my obsession with food, licking pigs ears for sale, sleeping on reception chairs when people need to use them ad sleeping on laptops/ anything on reception and not moving- even when they are pulled from underneath me.

My special needs: I have urinary crystals, so I am on a special diet. When I was surrendered to the clinic I weighed 11kg, but the clinic put me on a special diet so I have since lost 3kg!

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