Russian Blue, Blue
Flinders View Veterinary Clinic , QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job title: CEO (Chief Eating Officer)

How I arrived at my clinic: I found my way to the front door and Dr Andrew adopted me and took me home. After blowing up the TV by peeing on it, I was brought back to the clinic where I am now the boss- not only of the staff, but o my visiting friends.

My favourite things: I love my automatic cat feeder and a comfortable spot to while away the days, while getting lots of pats and ensuring the staff are working hard!

My naughtiest habits: My naughtiest habit is tearing open new bags of Royal Canin for a sneaky midday feast!

My special needs: I have a condition the people with those funny things around their necks call 'Miliary Dermatitis' or something. So I am on really good food and the odd cortisone injection (which just seem to make me hungrier!!).

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