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Hector 5

Domestic Short Hair, Tabby
Bacchus Marsh Vet Centre , VIC

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Occupier of the clinic throne / front of house / executive chef / grief counsellor

How I arrived at clinic: I was one of the lucky adoption kittens at the clinic, I went off to a new home excited about the future, but then.. my housemate, another cat – developed a habit most undignified. He peed on me. ALL the time. Obviously I was most upset. So I came back to the clinic (mortified mind you!) and they agreed to protect me from all future urine related fiascos. I’ve been in a senior management position ever since.

My favourite things: welcoming clients at the front desk, rolling around in the corridors while clients and dogs tiptoe around me and giving my staff that awkward feeling where they know someone’s looking at them but they just can’t tell who from my many hiding spots.

My naughtiest habit:  I don’t know that I’d consider these “naughty” habits, like I said – I AM senior management and therefore I will not have dispersions cast on my good character. But those more lowly individuals than I have said that I tend to break into consults - be removed from said consults - then re-enter through the opposite door of the same consult (rinse and repeat!). There’s also: sitting on keyboards, licking only the gravy from my wet food then demanding a fresh tin and the occasional dog ambush in the corridors.

My special needs: Thankfully I’m fit as a fiddle, but I do enjoy parades in my honour every now and again, and of course the mandatory head scratch when my staff wander past me in the clinic.

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Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner