Kevin 3
Russian Blue, Blue
Greencross Vets Aitkenvale , QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Head of security

How I arrived at the clinic: I was found in a car park when I was 4 weeks old. I was so tiny and very scared when I arrived at the clinic. The nurses fell in love with my good looks and charisma and the rest is history!

My Favourite things: My favourite things include chasing my own shadow, drinking from other people’s cups and pulling funny faces! I also love to show off my skills by doing handstands (this often sees me falling on my face but I enjoy it nonetheless!) .. Oh, and chicken! I loooooove chicken!

My Naughtiest habit: I love to pick on certain staff members by drawing them in for a kiss and then bopping them on the nose! I can be very stubborn and pretend to hear a lot less than I really do. I have a habit of swiping my swift little paws into mid-air to try and catch things that aren’t really there or aren’t as close as I think they are! (It's safe to say my depth perception is well and truly off!)

My Special needs: I have hydrocephalus (fluid on my brain). This has given me some wildly good looks including a pair of beautiful crossed eyes! I can’t see or hear very well but I can sniff cooked chicken from a mile away! I can’t use my top eyelids so I blink upside down! I’m a little bit silly but my family wouldn’t have it any other way!

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