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Kevin (aka Kevin 07, Smevin, Kev-dog, Kevo) 1

Domestic Short Hair, Ginger and White
Prospect Road Veterinary Hospital , SA

Other things you should know about me

Job Title: The Best Clinic Cat in the World, Therapy Cat, Waiting Room Attendant and Hills Taste Tester

How I arrived at the clinic: I came into our clinic as a stray approximately 8 months ago. A client of ours brought me in as I was trying to make her house my own. Surely someone was missing this lovable cat?! After searching high & low for my owners it was clear I was in need of a new home. By this time though I made the clinic my home and stole the hearts of all the vets and nurses. I am such a clever cat, it didn't take me long to learn such tricks as ‘Sit’ and ‘High 5’. 

Favourite things:  Getting into client’s handbags/shopping bags and I have been known to steal client's belongings, like headphones. I also love to sit and wait with patients and have been known to groom baby bunnies in the waiting room. I am very tolerable of staff members dressing me up as shown in pictures attached. Some of my favourite outfits are my lion mane and 'Flannie' shirt. Other hobbies include spending the day guarding stray wildlife, trying to fit in boxes that aren't always my size, laying on staff members shoulders and playing with adoption kittens. I am a great Uncle to all our adoption kittens and spend hours teaching them how to be a ‘cool cat’. I also enjoy hiding in the clean washing, laying on the heat pads and drinking staff member’s drinks. My most favourite thing to do is also my most naughtiest habit, which is breaking into food bags.

Naughtiest Habit:  Chewing into food bags, but not to eat the food. I love the crinkling sound that the packaging makes. Staff have since had to arrange food shelves to avoid this costly habit. Every now and then I still relapse. Clients who buy food will often find me on the counter chewing their food bag. I have been known to eat a staff member’s custard tart and love to steal blood samples, spare dilution cups and vaccines vials. I will carry them around in my mouth and bat them all around the clinic.

My Special needs: Love and attention but most importantly chicken pops.

Kevin not only brightens the day for all staff members but also keeps clients smiling and commenting on how wonderful he is. 

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Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner