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Marvin 2

Domestic Short Hair, Black and White
Campbell Town North Animal Hospital (Dr Spot's) , NSW

Other things you should know about me

Job title: :‘Uncle Marv’ for the adoption kittens, Second in Command, Security, Emotional Support, Pest Control, Entertainment, the Face of our Facebook, Welcoming Party, Quality Control and Food Taster!

How I arrived at my clinic: My brother and I were dropped off at the clinic as adoption kittens when we were only little fur balls. As we grew older (and bigger) our appeal to people wanting a new cat dwindled. We became too big for our adoption cage and our clinic had to decide what was going to happen. The clinic had lost our 22 year old clinic cat just under a year beforehand and they felt it was time to have another furry presence. That was when they decided to adopt ME as their new clinic cat and take the new role of looking after everybody at the clinic (whilst their manager took home my brother – so we still meet every once in a while!).

My favourite things: My favourite thing is sleeping, eating (including bags for sale) and remembering to tell my clinic owners that my 6pm dinner time is at 4pm every day. I also love to greet my feline friends by sitting on their cages while they wait, as well as sneaking into rooms and greeting other furry friends while they visit the doctor. It is also fun playing with my adoption friends as they come through our clinic and teasing the cockatoos out back through the window.

My naughtiest habits:  I like to break into food bags out in reception when I am bored or hungry. I like to sample them to make sure it is good quality for the buyers!

My special needs: I am currently on an obesity diet (since I put on weight breaking into the food in the clinic). I have a strict food regime with controlled amounts – although my clinic owners give me special weight loss treats every now and again to help me out! 

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Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner