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Mercy 4

Domestic X Manx, Blue and White
Belmont Road Vet Surgery Tingalpa , QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Practice Manager, Supervisor and Mascot

How I arrived at my clinic: On a balmy day, 14th September 2010, my human ''grandma'''' came running into the Belmont Rd Vet Surgery with my '' absolutely wild'' fur mother.. who had been trying to deliver me and my sister for about 24 hrs in the garden. The human did not even know who my fur mum belonged to but could not stand it any longer, so she ran up to Mike at the surgery to see that she did not suffer.

Mike Auld said that all he could do would be to spey my mum. Mum was in a bad way. Mike's partner (Lynda)  and head vet nurse..practice manager was in surgery that day. When Mike speyed my mum, they found that my sister had not made it sadly. I was still in the womb and I was left on the cold stainless steel bench after it was removed.

Lynda, insisted that Mike opens my sack to see if I was alive. Finally Mike relented and opened the sack. I was left .. I think they thought I was no longer alive. I mean, I did not take any breaths for a long time, but.. BUT, I did not turn blue either! The humans saw this for about 10 mins. Lynda insisted on getting hot water bottles and blowing into my mouth. After lots of activity, I finally could breathe by myself, after about 2 hrs.

All the nurses and other vets suggested that as I was so small, only 56 grams, I would not make it. I had a mission to survive!

My dedicated human mummy, Lynda, would not even go to sleep that night in fear that I may stop breathing. All through the night I felt her warmth and comfort on my heart as she cuddled me in bed, to ensure I was still alive. Mummy got up every hour to feed me.

Day after day, mummy took me to work and back and pretty much ... didn't do too much work... to ensure I lived. Mummy loves me so much, and the bond that we share is unbelievable and no one would understand except us!    

I had a few rough patches, as I think mum fed me too much at one stage.. but then we worked it out. By time a few months went by, almost every second person who would come in asked where is ''Mercy''... I was always in mum's pocket or close by.

Mummy called me ''Mercy'' because the dear Lord must have had grace and Mercy on me to save me under incredible odds. I have become known now as ''Mercy Miracle Manx'' as I actually also have no tail... I don't know why cats need tails anyway.. I don't!

So, after I came through my 100% hand feeding.. I finally ate after 8 weeks.. by myself! Mum has a million photos.. but it was a proud day.

Mum and dad.. show cats at cat shows.. so in 2011 they took me to shows.. well, because I love HUMANS so much, I won LOTS!! My first show I was as happy as anything and climbed on the judges.. sucking up! Then they took me to the EKKA 20111.. guess what.. I won Supreme Companion of the 2011 EKKA!!

Mum cried a lot! Tears of joy! Then, channel 10 came and did a documentary on me winning! Ohhh.. how much fun.

So, at the surgery, I now am the mascot, head nurse, supervisor.. practice manager and cute little girl that everyone knows as ''Mercy''.

My favourite things: My favourite things include tuna, tuna, tuna! And PEOPLE!

My naughtiest habits: My naughtiest habits are eating flowers and keeping the other cats at bay!

My special needs: I need lots of attention!

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Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner