Midnight Sabre-Hagen 8
Burmese Cross, Black and glossy
Pawprint Veterinary Practice, QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job title:  "Matriarch" of the clinic

How I arrived at my clinic: I  found my way to Pawprint Veterinary Practice after cleverly choosing the carpark behind the neighbouring pet store to have my kittens. I was rescued by Gillian and has lived at the veterinary clinic ever since.

My favourite things: I like to spend my time somersaulting on peoples' feet, chewing peoples' fingers and sleeping in anything I can squeeze into. I have has been told I may not be able to squeeze into these spots if I don't watch my weight, but I disagree with this assessment!

My naughtiest habits: Because I do not get fed nearly enough, I have to break bags of food around the clinic. This is when I'm not getting into cupboards and chewing the contents of course! My special skill is looking after baby possums, as pictured.

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