Mintie 6
Domestic Short Hair, Pure White
Cleveland Vet Clinic , QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Bad Receptionist

How I arrived at my clinic: I was originally found on the sunshine coast with a 6 week old pure black kitten. After a long, but unsuccessful search for our homes- the clinic decided to rehome us. All the staff members started having their lunch break with me, sitting in the sun- and so the love affair begun. I was to be the new clinic cat!

My favourite things: My favourite things include sitting on important paperwork, swiping at pens that my co-workers are using, ignoring phone calls, drinking other people's tea, stealing peoples lunches (including hospital patients and free sample packages)- but most of all, I love laying about in the sun with staff on their lunch break (in the hope of getting a sneaky snack of course!).

My naughtiest habits: My naughtiest habit is apparently sitting in the freshly made cages and washing, so that I cover it in my fur- just so everyone knows I'm still around!

My special needs: I'm currently on an obesity diet, although it doesn't help that I steal other people's food ALL THE TIME!

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