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Morris 15

Domestic Medium Hair, White & Tabby
Wellington Road Veterinary Surgery , SA

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Human Resources Manager

How I arrived at my clinic: my life at the clinic began in a cardboard box when I was left in the car park with my brothers and sisters. Lucky for me everyone wanted the small fluffy ones so me and my long lanky legs got to hang around with the girls at Welly Road and got to claim it as my forever home. Since then I’ve been a bit of a super hero and saved a dozen or so fellow felines by donating my precious blood (I demand a nice juicy eye fillet each time of course). I’ve also had my name in lights starring in the TV series Rain Shadow. Gorgeous Gary Sweet was my co-star, he played my slave - I mean owner.

My favourite things: my favourite way to greet our furry clients is by putting my white fluffy butt in their face, it's not to everyone’s liking but so far I’ve gotten away with it. I also like to play with the mop of a night time when the girls are trying to mop the floor, got to make sure they don’t miss a spot!

My naughtiest habits: I’ve got two - firstly love bites on chins. There’s nothing more satisfying then luring a human into a false sense of security, lapping up all their patting and stroking and then taking them by surprise by given them a little nip on the chin. There is no malice in it honestly; I just like the reaction I get! My second naughty habit is wanting to attend surgery when I am inappropriately attired - I’m sure the surgeon could do with my assistance and advice in any surgical procedure.

My special needs: life has been pretty good to me, apart from monthly injections to help my aging joints and some anti-inflammatories when I need them all I need to survive are lots of smooches, cuddles and pats, breakfast in bed and dinner on the table, and an assortment of warm fluffy bed located in a variety of positions around the clinic. Recently I’ve slipped into renal failure and so my needs are ever increasing - we’ve all got to get old sometime I guess!

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Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner