Mr Darcy 6
Tonkinese X Deliquent, Chocolate Point
Rangeside Veterinarians , QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Patient Liaison, Pest Control, Part-time Neighbourhood Photographer

How I arrived at my clinic: I was a young kitten at the council's pound when the staff there heard that Smithy (my predecessor) was nearing retirement. Alistair and the girls accepted my application and I have been working hard to train the staff at the clinic ever since!

My favourite things: My favourite things include breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time, snacks, pestering the nurses, biting annoying children and 'helping'. I also like to test the eyesight of dogs by hiding in plain sight! I also like to keep my Facebook followers updated as regularly as possible.

My naughtiest habits: I like to sit on clients' wallets and their pets cages. I have also hung up the phone while the nurses talk to clients numerous times! I have also reprogrammed the phone system so no incoming calls were received.

My special needs: I need to be fed at least 3 times per day and if the nurses forget this I'm happy to remind them! Sometimes they even forget to give me snacks throughout the day!

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