Mumma Puss 8
Domestic Short Hair, Silver Tabby
Oakleigh Central Vet Clinic , VIC

Other things you should know about me

Job Title:  Furry Practice Manager/ Director of Treats

How I arrived at the clinic: I arrived as a stray with a litter of kittens when I was about 2 years old. All of my babies found homes and eventually so did I. I went to the home of an elderly lady which was nice for a little while, however we had a bit of a personality clash so I made my way back to the Oakleigh Central Vet, where there are more people to give me the love I need.

My favourite things: Dinner and treats and dinner, oh and I love to answer the door! When the door bell goes I race out to see who is there, sometimes it's a cat to investigate, a dog to tease or someone to give me a little snuggle before their appointment. I also love sleeping in warm spots... my staff often think these are not very practical... on the waiting room chairs, well on one in particular as it has a heating vent below it, in the spare uniform cupboard as it's nice and warm and dark and soft. I also like to sit where ever my nurses are working... on their paper work, on the keyboard and sometimes I wrap myself around the keyboard or computer speaker while I supervise.

My naughtiest Habit: I like to climb the kennel room cages... they smell like dog and I just know there must be something interesting on top of them. I also like to swipe and bite my staff and clients if they wake me up for a cuddle when I was clearly enjoying a nap. I'm not unfriendly, just not really very good at being woken from a nap... but who is!? This last one just stays between us okay....?! I like to drink from the toilet bowl when nobody is looking! It's super naughty and I always get in trouble... maybe that's why I keep going back!?

My special needs: None! I'm perfect! However if you ask my nurses they would say I have to watch my weight... I'm currently on Hills Feline Metabolic and have lost 1kg putting me at my ideal weight. If you leave a bowl of cereal, yoghurt, glass of water, container of nuts, cut up fruit or a cup of tea where I can reach it, of course I'll stick my head in and have a taste!

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