Norman 4
Ragdoll, Lilac Point
Park Ridge Animal Hospital , QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Stormin Norman OR Foreman Norman

How I arrived at my clinic: I arrived at the clinic as a stray. I went home with the boss for a while but I much prefer to be at the hospital with lots of activity going on around me! So now I live at the clinic all the time.

My favourite things: My favourite things are eating treats at reception and lying on the x-ray table. I also enjoy checking out client cars and getting into them!

My naughtiest habits: My naughtiest habit is catching birds! I'm also very cheeky and annoy canine patients. The clinic is currently having extensions done, and I'm supposed to stay away but I love to walk through the job site and inspect the trucks!

My special needs: FOOD!!!

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