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Domestic Short Hair X Fabulous, Black/ White/ Whatever my tie is on the day
Toowong Family Vet , QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Doorman/ Media Personality/ PR & Marketing Guru/ Cat Yogi/ Feline Feng Shui Expert/ Model/ Actor/ Taste Tester/ Sleep Expert

How I arrived at my clinic: First class of course! Oh, you mean the circumstances? Via a mutual friend from the Gold Coast. Toowong Family Vet had the green light to go ahead, and I could tell they needed a hand- or four- to get things up and running. Not content with living in the 'burbs', I knew that I was destined for the big smoke (seriously, you should see my Jazz Paws), and the rest - as they say- is hispawry.

My favourite things:  Food. Other cats' food. Vet and Nurse food. Food that has fallen from the mouths of hounds. Food from the sink. Food from the bin. Food. In regards to non-food related faves- Lap sitting. Grooming human hands. Cat fashion. Taking selfies. My Instagram account @themonochromecat. Entertaining kitty holiday guests. Taste-testing childrens fingers (al-dente is best). Staring competitions. Cat yoga. April Fools jokes- convincing our clients I was moving to Melbourne to star in Offspring.

My naughtiest habits: I don't have any naughty habits. I have however assembled a small list of strengths and impressive skills:

  • Food thievery- ninja skills/ mastering the art of discreetness
  • Daring clinic escapes via other cat's carriers- magician/ clinic entertainment
  • Knocking things off ledges and tables- organisational skills/ de-cluttering work spaces
  • Missing the cat litter on purpose, leaving wet paw prints around the clinic- intra-clinic traffic control
  • Sitting on keyboards when staff attempting to type - editor/ proof-reader/ team player
  • Setting off clinic alarm early in the morning- improving staff time management
  • Stinky #2's- fumigation/ pest control & staff training re: handling hazardous agents
  • Gnawing holes in many new bags of food & treats- creating greater accessibility for clients and patients
  • Being so very ridiculously good looking- customer/ client satisfaction

And just one of many client recommendations submitted for Norman:

"Norman for clinic cat of the year! I love the way Norman gives me moist nose kisses when I come in and sit beside him, and sends kitty kisses by blinking his eyes at me through the window when I haven't got time to stop!" - Lea Greenaway (Active Norman Lover, most likely to start a Norman fan club).

Norman's portfolio pictures were taken by: Tahlia Woodlock

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Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner