Norman (aka Daddy Cat) 11
Devon Rex, Black
Waterworks Road Veterinary Surgery , QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Food Preparation Supervisor

How I arrived at my clinic: I came in to board with my mother, who I rather fancied. Unbeknownst to everyone I actually got her pregnant and we were never picked up by my former humans.

My favourite things: My favourite thing is FOOD! Cuddles are pretty good too! I love sitting in boxes or other animal's carry cages and hiding from my humans when it's time to go to bed!

My naughtiest habits:  I like to poop in the sink and pee in hard-to-reach places (or on expensive equipment like ultrasound and x-ray plates) I also break things in the consult rooms if the doors are left open.

My special needs: I'm supposed to eat hypoallergenic food, but I like to eat whatever I can find. My humans give me Clomicalm to help suppress my ninja-peeing skills, but I just laugh at them!

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