Oliver (Ollie)
Domestic Long Hair, Ginger
Canberra Cat Vet , ACT

Other things you should know about me

Job Title: varied and extensive... Pathologist (see microscope photo)/ Cat Doctor (I utilise CCV consulting rooms after hours to see personal clients)/ Purr Machine/ Client Cuddler/ Cat model for Canberra Cat Vet face book page

How I arrived at the clinic: My previous owner passed away sadly and because I have a couple of medical issues (and a true disliking of dogs) it might have proved tricky to re-home me at the time. Anyway, the staff at CCV fell in love with me so decided to keep me as a resident cat. Canberra Cat Vet had only recently opened so it seemed fitting that I stay on as a clinic cat. After all, what’s a CAT hospital without a resident cat!

My favourite things: 1. TUNA (I have it as a treat every now and then) 2. My hottie (that my Nurses warm up in the microwave each evening) for those cold winter nights. It really helps ease my arthritis. 3. My “STUD” cat jumper – need I say more...

My naughtiest habit: I can’t seem to contain my cat litter to its tray when I use it… No matter how big the tray is… I also like to carry the litter around in my coat and leave a trail of it around the clinic just so everyone knows where I am.

My special needs: 1.Arthritis injections and transdermal Tramadol for arthritic pain relief 2. Hypoallergenic diet for management of inflammatory bowel disease 3. Routine blood tests to monitor my kidney function.

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