Oscar 6
Domestic Short Hair, Grey and White
Rochester Veterinary Practice , VIC

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Bouncer/ Keyboard Warmer/ Alarm Clock for home and dinner time

How I arrived at my clinic: I was one of 4 kittens dumped at the clinic 6 years ago. My siblings were adopted but I decided to stay around. I now oversee all clinic operations and even donate blood on the odd occasion.

My favourite things: My favourite things are food, belly rubs, drinking people's coffee when they aren't looking and being a hero and biting vets on the bottom as they are trying to put catheters into cats.

My naughtiest habits: I once got into a client's car and ate their tuna sandwich. I also jump down from high up places and break things, like the clinic computer!

My special needs: I have a bottomless pit where my stomach should be. It's tough, but I live with it. I also have a pale patch on my side where I had a snake bite.

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