Patricia 2
Domestic Short Hair, Cookies and Cream
Taroom Vets , QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Pest Control Officer, Client Liaison Officer, Patient Recovery Motivator

How I arrived at my clinic: I was a stray and wandered into a lovely ladies home quite a long way from anywhere really. The lady dropped me into the Vets and told me they would find me a nice forever home, but after a few days my charming personality (and mouse murdering abilities) meant the Vets became my new home!

My favourite things: Oh, the things that complete my life are: being rocked like a baby, scrumptious morning teas at the accountants, sharing hot chips with the nurses on a Friday and that lovely left over cup of tea to help me get through tough days at the office!

My naughtiest habits: The nurses tell me that pooping under the consult table, ring barking my 'scratching' tree, adding back the fuzz to de-fuzzed drapes is far from acceptable! Oh, and apparently I am good at hide & go seek with Dr Tim's three year old, Mia!

My special needs: I am in tip top shape. I have to be though! I am a very important part of the team and can't afford to miss a day around here!

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