Patrick (The Pirate) 12
Domestic Short Hair, Silver Tabby/ White
Helensburgh Veterinary Clinic , NSW

Other things you should know about me


Job Title: Captain of the Clinic

How I arrived at the clinic: I was a stray who spent my life mooching off the kind hearted butcher next door. I was hit by a car in 2007 and spent many weeks in hospital after surgery to remove my damaged eye and wire my fractured jaw.  I never left!

Favourite things- Food (of course) and taking the best chair in the clinic. Snuggles with Penny the Pom and the love of all the staff.

Naughtiest habit: My naughtiest habit is opening the liver treat jar and scoffing the lot! Dribbling all over the keyboard. Oh, and tormenting the other feline hospital patients.

My special needs- Regular dentals for my teeth. Extra love!

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