Phil 12
Maltese, White
Sydney Animal Hospitals, Inner West , NSW

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Dr Phil

How I arrived at my clinic: I was surrendered. I immediately looked with my big brown eyes into the eyes of a cat-loving vet and then worked my magic on her subconscious until she picked me up, and I sat on her lap exactly how a cat does.

My favourite things: My favourite thing is cat food, followed closely by cat poo. I also love comforting clients when they are distressed. I am extremely good at being held and if necessary, can do this for hours.

My naughtiest habits: I like trying to pick fights with German Shepherds.

My special needs: I have luxated patellas, lymphocytic plasmacytic rhinitis, dermatitis (nicely controlled with Malaseb baths), a complete absence of teeth to periodontal disease and I also have small man syndrome!

Note: We at Dermcare pride ourselves on attention to detail, and as such, have discovered that Phil here is in fact a canine, masquerading as a feline. However, he is so cute we couldn't help but post his entry! Feel free to vote below.

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