Pumpkin 1
Domestic Short Hair, Ginger Tabby
Russell Vale Animal Clinic , NSW

Other things you should know about me

Job title: The Receptionist

How I arrived at my clinic: I was found in a client’s garage between a box and the wall after I had come back from the markets (he assumed that I had stowed in his van as the markets were in Appin). I was a spit fire, and no one could get near me for two weeks. My estimated age was 4 weeks based on my size. The clinic tried for several months to re-home me, but was unsuccessful –apparently the lack of a “needs a new home “ sign meant that I was destined to stay with us.

My favourite things: Saying hallo to everyone who comes into the vet hospital, rubbing up to say “G'day”. Loves to jump onto the consultation table when a pet examination is in place to make sure all of the liver treats are cleaned up. I love to jump all over everybody’s head to the point I am often given the nickname “Ninja”.

My naughtiest habits: I love sprinting fast in front of the vet hospital building so that everyone comes in is concerned that I am going to play with the traffic – I never have! I also love sneaking out the front door at every opportunity I can get. And flying through the air like a flying fox!

My special needs: I need constant love and cuddles. Lucky that there are always awesome animals and their owners who come to give just that!

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