Riley 3
Domestic Short Hair, Ginger and White
Pet Doctors Palm Beach , QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job Title: Entertainer, Social Media Extraordinaire, Taste Tester, PR Agent, Health & Safety Inspector, Professional Napper, Recipient of admiration from the Riley-Cat Fan Club

How I arrived at the Clinic: My former humans couldn’t contain the awesomeness that was me, so I packed my bags and hit the streets - on the road to bigger and brighter things! Before long I was on the doorstep of Pet Doctors Palm Beach and I knew at that moment that I had found the perfect place in which to set up my dominion.

Now I have several human subjects, fresh canine and feline admirers who come and go daily and an entire Vet surgery in which to exert my superior authority. Every now and then the silly humans like to dress me in ridiculous outfits, but we all know I am the one in control around here!

My Favourite Things: When I’m not eating or catching up on beauty sleep I entertain myself by hiding to see if my humans have the skills to find me and doing my daily workplace inspections (Pet Doctors would fall apart without me!).

My Naughtiest Habits: My humans call it naughty, but I call it necessary. After all, who else is going to taste test the food bags and decide the best flavours? It’s a vocational requirement in my opinion!

My Special Needs: You mean apart from the special grooming I put into my stunning good looks? Nothing! I’m as purrrrfect as they come!

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