Skye (aka 'Kitty Purry') 1
Carnarvon Super Special, White with Tabby Markings
Coral Coast Veterinary Hospital , WA

Other things you should know about me

Job title: CEO/ Style Icon / Seat Warmer/ Therapist

How I arrived at my clinic: At 6wks of age I found myself at a crossroad in my kitty life..I craved adventure, so I took to the streets with a group of young misfit kittens in search of something more for my 9 kitty lives.. That was until the ranger or 'fun police' picked me up at took me to S.A.F.E the local drop in centre for homeless animals and gave me a second chance. They found me a full time live in position at the local vet clinic.

My favourite things: My favourite things include comforting recovering patients, taking little dogs for lead walks, practising my acrobatics and chasing my tail, feeding the mice, spending hours grooming myself and making sure my softpaws match my glamorous outfit!

My naughtiest habits: My naughtiest habits are dipping my paws and drinking from everyone's water cups, knocking stationary off the bench, re-setting computers, putting clients on hold, feeding the mice and using legs as scratching posts.

My special needs: Although I often overhear the girls referring to me as 'A bit Special' I have no known health issues apart from the odd UTI which is rather embarrassing bit other than that  Life is simply Purrfect!

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