Sylvester 3
Domestic Short Hair, Black and White
Mulberry Lane Veterinary Clinic , NSW

Other things you should know about me

Job title: The Boss

How I arrived at my clinic: I came in with my litter for desexing from the RSPCA ad I liked the place so much I never left... at least that's what I tell them! Really, I felt that they required my assistance in managing the clinic- it's what I do best!

My favourite things: My favourite thing is finding the warmest place to curl up for a nap, for example on top of the laptop, or the heat mat in a patients cage. I also love greeting clients and wrapping myself around their neck like a scarf.

My naughtiest habits: Where do I start? I am always getting in trouble for opening the fridge and trying stealing food from inside, as well as from patient's cages. I also enjoy opening bags of food and trying to help with surgery.

My special needs: I must have attention at all times. If I don't, I interrupt the vets and nurses to ensure my needs are met- no matter what they are doing!

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