Ted 2
Domestic Short Hair, White/ Orange Fleck
Roma Veterinary Clinic , QLD

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Owner/ Overseer

How I arrived at my clinic: I hitched a ride with some locals into Roma Vet Clinic back in March 2014. My previous owners (nowhere to be found) had me wearing a pink studded collar. Little did they know that I was actually a boy!! After a week hanging out at Roma Vet Clinic, they decided my personality was what they have been waiting for. I was desexed, named and the rest is history!

My favourite things: Mmm where do I start? I am a pretty casual unit, hanging in the hay shed, stealing in-patients food from their cage and getting involved in surgeries. Last but not least, I crave affection- cuddles are my favourite past time!

My naughtiest habits:  It depends who is telling the story, apparently launching myself unexpectedly at clients and expecting them to catch me; isn't a positive habit? Surely one meow and an intense stare is enough of a warning!

My special needs: I'm a pretty healthy cat at this stage, however as I am white in colour- I require a bath weekly. I find Aloveen a nice/ gentle shampoo. I have noticed that I get more pats when I smell delicious!

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