Thelma & Louise 17
Himalayan Persian & Siamese, Pink
Provet WA , WA

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Paperweights

How I arrived at my clinic: Our owner (Natalie, CST) went on holiday and brought us back in her suitcase. Her workplace is a bunch of ex vet nurses with cat withdrawal!

My favourite things: Our favourite thing in life is doing absolutely nothing and looking pretty in the office.

My naughtiest habits:  Our naughtiest habit is pushing paper off the shelf- not doing as we are told!

My special needs: We are both on strict diets due to our health and survive on fresh air.

Note: While Thelma and Louise are cats, they are unfortunately not real cats and therefore cannot take out the title of Felimazole Clinic Cat of the Year!

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