Theodore 6
Ragdoll X, Blue Tabby
Claremont Vet Clinic , WA

Other things you should know about me

Job Title: As a man of many talents I am Chief Table Warmer, Professional Hair Shedder, Supervisor of Avian patients and President of Good Looks. No wonder I need so many naps..

How I arrived at the clinic: My first owners surrendered me to the clinic to be re homed when I was eight months old. I soon charmed the pants off everyone at the clinic and put a stop to any re-homing nonsense!

My favourite Things: FOOD! I also very much enjoy sleeping, drinking from taps, bird watching, heating pads, eating, sunshine, sitting in front of the computer screen and meal times.

My naughtiest habit: What gets me in the most trouble is opening nice expensive bags of food and helping myself to a ‘sample’. I am also partial to a nibble on floral arrangements and the sticky tape dispenser. And I love to exercise the nurses by running away at bedtime.

My special needs: Apparently I could do with losing some weight so I am on a special weight loss diet. Something about obesity related diseases, diabetes..blah blah. I remedy this with my naughty habits – see above.

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