Toby 2
Domestic Short Hair, Black and White
Bacchus Marsh Vet Centre , VIC

Other things you should know about me

Job title:  Court jester / clinic masseuse / resident cuddle expert / legend.

How I arrived at the clinic:  I was walking out of a bridal shop in flushing queens, when my boyfriend kicked me out in one of those crushing scenes, where was I to go? What was I to do? .. Oh wait. That’s not exactly the whole truth, but I’ve always had a flair for 90’s sitcom intro music. I came to the clinic as a sickly little kitten, I had crusty eyes and a runny nose, but they thought I was pretty cool, plus I’d already picked my nap spot, so I was basically a part-owner of the clinic. I’ve been struttin’ down these halls ever since.

My favourite things: treating the clinic hallways like a Nascar track, sneezing all over my vet buddies and their belongings, opening the clinic blinds and giving passers-by the hairy eyeball.

My naughtiest habit: apparently my vet buddies don’t like the snot deposits left on their desks. There’s also something about it being unhygienic to have my chops in their food all the time. I miiiight also get in trouble sometimes for smacking my fellow clinic cat Hector right in the face.

My special needs: again.. the snot. My name is Toby and I’m a chronic snuffler. So my vets have to chase me around the clinic to tablet me every now and again. I also have an insatiable need for cuddles, mostly when my vets need to get up, or when they’re trying to do something that requires both arms.

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