Trappa 13
Domestic Short Hair, Tabby
Bungendore Vet Surgery , NSW

Other things you should know about me

Job title: Clinic supervisor

How I arrived at the clinic: All I really remember was the hunt.  I was focused, fixated, hunting that damn elusive rabbit that kept stepping over the line hopping into our territory. I had him in my radar. I pounced! Searing pain exploded up my left front leg, I couldn’t move.  Looking down I saw a huge pair of metal teeth, biting into my flesh, not letting go.  ‘Get back to basecamp’ was all I could remember thinking, so I dragged my limp leg with the metal teeth still attached back to headquarters. It took me a long time, apparently 7 days but I can’t remember. The Doc told my boss I needed my leg amputated and I was given up for dead, no use of an amputee back at basecamp. The doc, he saw my potential, he took my leg but gave me a home.

My favourite things: I still hunt… it’s in my blood and losing a leg is not going to stop me!  I occasionally hunt mice and leave them at the door for the staff, show them my appreciation and all. I divide my supervisory role between the tea room couch, ensuring employees take only the designated lunch break, the treatment room where I like to sit just in front of the cages and mock the detainees.  Also the reception area where I lay over important documents to ensure they are not seen by any wandering eyes.

My naughtiest habit: I don’t have any naughty habits, I’m perfect! However I know the Doc does get cranky when I occasionally poo on the cat scales, which some find disgusting but I find rather endearing.  I have been placed on a diet before but that did not last long.  I made my way over the local rural store and broke into a couple of bags of cat food….the staff are now reluctant to limit any food.

My special needs: I sleep a fair bit.  I love a pat but only on my own terms, I’ll soon let you know that the patting has gone on for too long. Cuddles are the same. I sleep a lot.  I love to go outside into the fresh air and lie around in the staff car parking area, cars magically move around me so I don’t have to move. Oh, and I love to sleep! And I’m not here to donate blood – I’m not the best patient!

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