Alley 3 years
Domestic Fabulous, Tortoiseshell
Gilgandra Veterinary Clinic, NSW

Never fear... the Queen is here!

Job title

I would say that I hold the coverted postion of practice Queen!

My day-to-day task list

I don’t have any tasks in particular. I demand the servants bring me food- sometimes they pretend that they haven’t heard me.... but I know they have! I sometimes like to make my presence known in the clinic by talking loudly and making passive aggressive demands. I also like to patrol the treatment room from time to time, and when I think the girls aren’t showing me enough appreciation I may pretend to want pats but really I’m just getting them in close enough to "bat" them with my fabulous paw. We all get along here very well, as long as the girls don’t forget that I’m the Queen!

My favourite things

I am particularly fond of my bed, mainly because it has my title on it "Queen". It was a wonderful surprise when the girls gave it to me, especially when strange common felines come to stay in my castle they all know right away that I am the queen.

My naughtiest habit

Are you kitten me right meow? I dont have any bad habits darling...... im fabulous!

What do my clients think of me?

Sometimes they try to pet me, but I won’t allow it. I sometimes pretend to be nice if they have liver treats!....... mmmm I love liver treats!, Almost as much as I love myself!. Did I mention I’m Fabulous?!

Other things you should know about me

I think it is about time I was recognised for how fabulous I am, and the prize to upgrade my castle would be great! The girls tell me they have a website for the clinic and I am featured on it- of course!