Ally 2 years
domestic medium hair, tortishell & white
Fountain Gate Veterinary Clinic, VIC

Rally for Ally!!!

Job title

Nurse & vet supervisor/food sampler

My day-to-day task list

Greeting surgical patients, supervising nurses in all daily tasks, ensuring nurses are always covered in my fur, taste testing the humans breakfasts & lunches & acting as watch cat on the roof in the kennel room to ensure everyone is behaving & teaching kittens for adoption manners :)

My favourite things

cuddles, tuna, hair ties and chicken

My naughtiest habit

not going back to bed at night unless i am bribed with chicken, having stare downs with dogs in hospital, zooming past dogs just as the vet human is about to put in a catheter

What do my clients think of me?

Clients think i am absolutely beautiful. Everyone comments on my pretty green eyes.

Other things you should know about me

I had a rough start in life and had a litter of kittens very young. I then got adopted by a lovely family but i dont like living outside so i got taken back to the vet clinic where i am now living.

I can be a little bit nervous and worried when i meet new people as i'm not sure if they're going to be nice to me. I get so much love and cuddles from the humans at the vet where i live so i am getting much much better. They're always telling me how much i have changed and how much braver & sweet i am now.