Amelie 8 years
DSH, Grey/white
Alexandria Vet Hospital, NSW

Honesty, Integrity, Food.

Job title

The Queen

Other things you should know about me

Hi, my name is Amelie. I am a queen with a pear-shaped body. My many admirers say I have bodacious curves, but I'm trying to slim down for Clinic Cat of the Year in case I am required on the red carpet. I am deaf, but this doesn't hold me back in my role as resident DJ at Alexandria Vet Clinic. I am also head of technical services, including but not limited to ensuring that computer modems and IDEXX equipment are maintained at an adequate temperature using my ample body heat. I enjoy my own breakfast, and the breakfast of our patients and boarders when I am able to reach it. I am interested in travel, however have not yet been able to go abroad due to my staff constantly removing me from other cat's carriers. Through my extensive charity work with young and deliquent kittens I contracted ringworm last year. Malaseb baths were crucial in my recovery and having such a positive experience with your products I feel I would be fearless in my role as ambassador for Dermcare.