Annie 1 year
DSH, Black
canberra cat vet, ACT

Why is grumpy cat so grumpy? He didn't vote for Annie....

Job title

Hospital Supervisor

My day-to-day task list

lying in the sun...

My favourite things

"flower arranging" - basically eating the display in the reception area and "redecorating" - knocking over our ornamental gifts given to us by clients.

My naughtiest habit

kicking Ollie (our senior clinic cat) out of his bed, eating Ollie's food, bopping dear Ollie on the head with my paws, running under people's feet and putting my bottom in people's faces while they are trying to work on the computer.

What do my clients think of me?

they think I am cheeky and always pop in to visit me!

Other things you should know about me

How I arrived at the clinic: I was abandoned on the side of the road under a tarp. Two boys on their bicycles heard me crying, removed the tarp and soon realised that I had a broken leg. Their mother took me to the Animal Emergency Centre and there I met and charmed Nurses Ella and Sally who work at Canberra Cat Vet. I had no microchip and no one rang looking for me so it looked as if I was doomed. I turned my purr up to full throttle, climbed up on Nurse Ella's neck and fluttered my long dark lashes at Nurse Sally. It did the trick! They phoned Dr Kate who had recently lost her last furr-baby and persuaded her to fix my leg and take me on as Hospital Supervisor.