Benny 2 years
Domestic shorthair, grey & white
Southside Vet Surgery, QLD

Connoisseur of comfort

Job title

Chief client greeter

My day-to-day task list

My day starts at 7am sharp with breakfast, followed by checking all the hospitalised patient's cages for any uneaten food. I then have a quick run around the surgery "singing' at the top of my voice and batting a few toys on the way, before settling down on the reception counter to receive cuddles and pats from all the passing clients.

My favourite things

Some of my favourite things include licking the porky chews on the reception desk, teasing dogs when I know they can't reach me and stealing the nurses' lunches off the kitchen table.

My naughtiest habit

Well I don't think I'm naughty but the nurses disagree with me when I tear open 15kg bags of dog food. It's only for a morning snack!

What do my clients think of me?

I have a large number of adoring fans who always pay me lots of attention whenever they come into the surgery. Who can resisit my charming ways and handsome face.

Other things you should know about me

I came into the surgery as a stray when I was quite young. No one ever came to collect me, so I stayed. Well the nurses fell in love with me and insisted I stay. I am really spoilt, except now they have put me on a diet. I'm just cuddly, certainly not in need of a diet! Late last year I was playing daredevil witha rottweiler and fell into his cage. He chewed on my foot. I got lots of attention and sympathy except when I chewed my bandage off. After a never ending round of bandage changes I'm all better now and can keep up with my new friend Olive. She doesn't like me following her around but I can't afford to miss out on any treats she might get while I'm not looking.