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Black Beastie 10 years

Domestic long hair , Black and white
Chirnisde Park Vet Clinic , VIC

Multiple personality disorder

Job title

Chief consoler/receptionist

My day-to-day task list

Console clients who are going through a hard time. Sit at the front desk and monitor the nurses

My favourite things

To hide in the food stand and scare clients when they are paying their bill. I love to sit on clients laps when they are crying and feeling bad.

My naughtiest habit

Running away and hiding when it's bed time and making my boss stay back sometimes for three hours on a weekend.

What do my clients think of me?

They love me and think I am beautiful.

Other things you should know about me

I came to Chirnside Park Vet Clinic as I was a pet shop reject and nobody wanted to take me home.  Really some people have no discrimination and clearly they did not realise what a wonderful opportunity they were passing up in not taking such an outstanding cat home.  The fact that I might appear to be bipolar at times is not a fault in my expert opinion. 

I have bitten several children but their parents just laugh and tell them that it is their own fault as they were told not to touch me.   I am a B type blood donor and this makes me the most important cat in the vet clinic. 

I have a deep sense of empathy and know when our clients are upset.  When clients have to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to their much loved pets I like to sit on their laps for a cuddle and console them.  I just know that this makes them feel much better in their time of grief.

And in my defence I would like to clarify the situation about hiding on a Sunday afternoon and making my boss stay back.  The last time this happened my amazing psychic powers told me that a client's dog was going to have his head run over by a motor car.  I knew that time of emergency treatment was critical in having a successful outcome with such severe injuries, so I was just ensuring that there was still a vet present when the dog arrived at the clinic as his parents were in a little bit of a panic and left to come to the clinic prior to phoning us.   He is fine and recovering well, so that makes me a hero in my opinion.



Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner